Fix Streaming Authorization Kodi

The streaming authorization is using to get rid of lots of interruptions while watching the different videos on your kodi software. The main work you have to do is to pair your device IP address with the Openload co pair server.

In this tutorial we are giving you the best method to pair your device with the best working method to this Olpair server. As we discussed in the above lines “The olpair which allows you to pair your device IP address to avoid many interruptions on kodi addons”.

This is the definition and advantage of the olpair server. Now we are going to pair our device IP address with the server by using the below simple method.

Fix Kodi Streaming Authorization Error 17 & 18

Whenever you were trying to watch any movie on your kodi software by using the different add ons you would get a pop up instead of the selected movie. The pop up is “Stream Authorization Is Required To Play This Video” that means you have to pair your device IP address with the Olpair server.

Read This Before You Pair:

Actually, the IP address may vary as per the website providers which you are supposed to pair with. At that situation you need to use the VPN (Virtual Private Network), Because we are using copy right content through the kodi addons, so you might be fall in risk.

You must have to change your device IP address according the location you are using the kodi and its addons. So we suggest use the VPN and in that sever we suggest you to use IP Vanish or HOX VPN.

Method 1:

Steps To Pair Kodi Streaming Authorization?

Warning: Make sure the kodi device and using to open olpair website device should be connected to the same wifi connection, and also open the olpair website in a private browser for your safety

Before starting this process open new tab beside this and follow below steps!

1.Now open a new browser and enter “”

2.Once you open that olpair website you will see website like blow

olpair kodi 1

3.Below your ip Address you have to solve a Captcha like “I Am Not A Robot”

4.Then choose “Pair” box and click on it

5.Now you will message on that website like “paring successful”

olpair kodi 2

6.Now your device successfully paired. Now go back to kodi and choose openload server and your movies will start streaming with out any pop up’s.

That’s it you can watch your favorite movies and videos without any interruptions with limited duration, that means four hours. After four hours you have to repeat the above process. Mostly it doesn’t work because it tracks your IP address, so its better to use VPN.

Here Some Helpful Links:

Method 2: Kodi Hosters With Captchas

This is an alternate method to fix Olpair error on your kodi software. In case the above method didn’t work on your device then you have to turn off the hosters with captchas by using the below steps.

  1. Open “Kodi Software” > Click on “Addons” > Hit on “Video Addons”
  2. Here you need to “Right Click” on your favorite addon > Then chose “Settings”
  3. Now go into the “Playback”
  4. Here you have to “Turn Off” the “Hosters With Captchas”
  5. Now click on “OK”

Once you turn off the hosters with captchas option in kodi software then your addon is ready to deliver your favorite videos. You can try to watch your favorite movies now.

Method 3: Kodi URL Resolver

If  the above 2 methods are not working then Follow the below method to install the resolver. Then your issue will be solved.

  1. Open the “Kodi Software” > Hit on “Settings” > Chose “System Settings”
  2. Come beneath of the screen and hit on “Basic” until it changes to “Expert” mode
  3. Now go top of the screen and select “Addons”
  4. From the right side of the screen, chose “Manage Dependencies”
  5. Click on the “URL Resolver” > Chose “Configure” > Click on “Resolver 4” > “Disable The Priority” > Click on “OK”
  6. Return to the “Kodi Home Screen” > Chose “Addons” > Click on “Exodus Addon” (Any Addon)
  7. Now chose “Movies” > Click on “Most Popular” > Hit on your favorite “Movie” > Finally, hit on “Source which is not allowing the Olpair”

That’s it you can now able to stream your favorite videos without having any interruptions.

How To Fix Olpair Not Working Issue on Firestick?

If you’re using the amazon firestick you have to follow the below steps to fix olpair not working issue on your amazon fire tv stick or any other fire sticks let’s check the steps below.

  • On your “Fire Stick” Device you need to open the “Kodi Software”
  • There you need to “Watch A Movie”
  • “Authorize Your Device IP Address” pop up will arise here
  • Now from the new window you need to type “”
  • From this official website you will get “IP Address” and there you must give tick mark in “Iam Not A Robot”
  • Then finally, you need to hit on “Pair” Option

That’s all with this stream authorization method you can easily fix the olpair not working issue on your firestick.

Is Https:// safe to pair

Of course Not Safe! As we all knew that we are connecting our personnel IP address to the unknown server. So to be in a safe zone you must have to hide your IP address because the IP address is the main reason to track your device information and if you still need more information about Is olpair safe then you can read our separate article about it.

So we are giving the best suggestion use the VPN server which can hide your device IP address and can change the IP Address according to the country where your kodi is using. Simultaneously you can get the more duration to get videos than your four hours duration.

Olpair Not Working Solution With Simple Steps

Actually! The Olpair never get any Not working issues until they would change their URL address or they use 301 redirection. So you do not need to be worried about this issue. If you get this Olpair Not Working Issue then they might have done the above mentioned actions. If you are getting this issue repeatedly then you must use the olpair’s Updated URL address.

Otherwise it might be their server issue. If it would be the olpair server issue then it will be working soon. Don’t worry about it. Still if you have any doubts to clarify then leave a comment mentioning your exact issue. if you still having some doubts regarding olpair you can check this olpair FAQs page, it will clear all your doubts.

Https:// FAQ

Q: Why too many windows are opening when i click the “Pair” option in

Ans: This happening because of ads in their website, to avoid it kindly “turn on” Ad Blocker in your browser.

Q: I paired my device with olpair but still same pop up coming in my kodi !

Ans: Then there is only one way that is “Hosters With Captchas”(2nd method in this website) once its done, you will never see any popups in your kodi.

Why Asks You To Pair Your Device With It?

https olpair com can’t be managing hug traffic at one time and Exodus, covenant like add-ons uses python like scripting languages to find video quickly to ease streaming from, that’s why they will ask you to pair your device with Alternatively, you can make some changes to your Kodi software to stop authorization popup, but you can’t enjoy videos if you made those changes on your device.

Do it once to continue ( Non-Stop Streaming

Enable VPN (virtual private network) before streaming online content on Kodi software that helps you to hides your Original IP address and provides a different IP address and also it has an automatic IP change program.

If your pair device after enabling of VPN can help you to stay a long time without pairing your device too many times. IP Vanish is the best VPN service that maintains 60 different countries IP address.

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