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Olpair is a stream hosters pairing website for the popular video hosting and streaming service OpenLoad. It is mainly known for providing the latest and most watched movies and TV shows with the highest quality available to be watched for free. Olpair helps in the pairing process to watch videos through other media software like the well-known Kodi.

In this tutorial guide, find out why your is not able to pair you properly and how you can fix olpair not working.

Guide To Fix Kodi Not Working Error

1.When you are facing issues in attempting the Olpair pairing method with and it just keeps giving you some type of an error, first of all make sure that you are using the same network or internet connection to view the video and pair your device.

2.It will not work if you use different internet connections since the pairing will fail as your Kodi viewing source will not be able find the pair done from the olpair kodi pairing website link url.

3.This can happen when you are trying to attempt the pairing process from 2 separate devices which may be running and accessing the internet through two different networks. For example, you run Kodi on your laptop which is using the Wi-fi, and try to start pairing through your mobile phone which is utilising the Cellular network, this will cause a failure in pairing.

4.So make sure and double check that you are running on the same network in case you try to pair using two different devices. If you have the same network on different devices, then it will surely work.

5.After trying to use olpair while on the same network, kodi pairing should work flawlessly and you should be done with the pairing process without any errors. The olpair

6.kodi pairing will grant you at least 4 hours of paired time with the Olpair pairing service and you should be able to view any Olpair video content such as TV Shows, movies, podcasts, music videos, animes hosted by Openload without any hassle or interruptions. If you want to read review of olpair then you can go with that link

Note: The stream hosters pairing process is very identical for most of the major video hosts available on Kodi and follow the same steps like Openload. Other video sharing hosters which have the same pairing process includes , Streamango,,, and

Final Words

This pairing error that you were facing was not an actual issue in the pairing process but just a simple misunderstanding. Now that you know how to bypass this mistake you can access Streamango,,, and the same you did for Openload pairing.

For more info on Openload, olpair and Kodi, you can check out the rest of this blog website. Comment down below if you have any questions.

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